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Turret Bearing Diagnostics

Turret Bearing Monitoring Preventative MaintenanceWhen moving ladles into place, the turret's bearing experiences tremendous wear and tear due to torques and heavy loads. Sequence Technologies has a system to measure deflections of bearings used in ladle turrets for monitoring bearing integrity over time.


ST310 BearingVIEW

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationNon-contact bearing deflection measurement is now achieved with the ST310 BearingVIEW solution from Sequence Technologies.  With two ST303 OptiGAGE laser sensors mounted inside the turret chamber, deflection monitoring, typically performed by cumbersome manual measurements with dial indicators, becomes a simple process. 


Ladle Turret BearingThe ST300 DatAQ data acquisition system and PC are linked via USB cable, allowing data to be transferred at up to 100kS/s.  The interactive software allows the user to measure deflection samples one at a time, or automatically over an extended period up to 24 hours.  In addition to the displacement results from the lasers, the ST703 series accelerometers may be used in conjunction to gain further insight to the health of the bearing.