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Caster Taper Gauge

Mold Taper GaugeReliably measure the narrow face taper in a slab caster mold using the ST120 from Sequence Technologies.  Accurate taper is an important parameter in the production process, typically obtained by mechanical means, which can be unsafe and error prone.  Sequence Technologies has solved this by developing a rugged, battery powered electronic instrument suitable for the steel industry.


ST120 True Taper

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST120 is a portable, battery powered instrument used to measure narrow face taper on continuous caster molds with precise accuracy (0.001in).  Improper taper can often lead to product defects and increased mechanical wear of the mold narrow faces.  The unique design of the ST120 ensures it is self-aligning and remains in contact against the narrow face to take consistent readings.


Steel Caster Taper GaugeThe latest design of the ST120 incorporates and a breakthrough in gauge power and performance.  A Lithium Ion 18v battery is used to supply power to the gauge.  These “Off-the-shelf” batteries and chargers can be found at local hardware stores which eliminate the need for expensive repairs.  The batteries have an auto shut-off feature protecting them against failure and can be fully charged in 25 minutes.