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Caster Segment Roll Gap Gauge

Roll Gap GaugePrecise roll gap and alignment of continuous caster segments are critical because they directly impact product quality and production efficiency.  Improperly gapped roll pairs can lead to quality issues, unscheduled machine downtime and subsequent loss of production.  In recent years, the demand for thin slab segment roll measurements has increased and driven the advances in roll gap measurement technology.


ST135 LineGAP

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST135 LineGAP system quickly and accurately measures the gapbetween rolls in thin-slab caster segments.  For best quality casting and smooth operation of the machine, it is essential to keep pass line geometry and operation conditions as designed.  Improper roll gaps can often lead to product defects and increased mechanical wear.  Without the LineGAP system, the measurement of the roll gap in these types of machines can be time consuming, difficult and potentially non-repeatable. 


Roll Gap SledThe unique design of the ST135 allows it to pass through the segments exerting a constant force against the opposing rolls while recording the gap.  The data is transmitted wirelessly from the sled to a laptop PC where it is displayed on the screen so the operator can quickly evaluate the segment's conditions.  The results are displayed numerically and graphically, color coded to indicate tolerance results.