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Process Monitoring and Control

Successful monitoring and control solutions begin with a careful assessment of our customers' requirements, from the operations and maintenance teams to plant conditions and operating procedures.  Sequence Technologies is continuously developing and refining its systems to incorporate the latest hardware and software technology to increase the throughput of your plant, raise the quality of your product, and improve the efficiency of your production. We offer customers our expertise in the following solutions:


Slab Profile, Width and Thickness

Slab ProfileSolutions offered to control slab dimensions with accurate measurements of the narrow face edge profile, width and thickness.


Slab Width Measurement

Hot Steel WidthNon-contact measuring of cast slab width and centerline position for process control and quality assurance.


Slab Length Measurement

Slab Length MeasurementLaser-based steel slab length measurement system used in continuous casters to measure the cut length of slabs for yield and quality improvement.


Data Acquisition Systems

Sensor Data AcquisitionMonitor and collect measurement signals from virtually all process monitoring sensors used throughout the mill.


Mold Oscillation Diagnostics

Caster Mold Oscillation MeasuringAccurately measure mold oscillation to prevent molten metal from sticking to mold walls and to optimize the continuous casting process.


Ladle Turret Bearing Diagnostics

Turret Bearing LifeMeasure deflections of bearings used in ladle turrets for monitoring bearing integrity over time.