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Slab Width Measurement

Cast Steel Width using laser sensorsLaser sensors are the universally-accepted tools for measuring the width of hot slabs and billets in steel mills. Sequence Technologies has the right system to measure dimensional minimum, maximum widths for display, alarm and archive. The precision measuring equipment is always properly housed to withstand harsh mill environments.



Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST200 WidthTracker accurately measures slab width for Quality Assurance and inventory tracking.  The ST200 system combines powerful and intuitive software with two triangulation laser sensors mounted in rugged, thermally-protected enclosures to measure slabs reliably in harsh continuous casting or hot mill conditions. 


The PC operator interface calculates and graphically displays the slab edge distancSlab Width Measurement using Opposing laser sensorse from the centerline of the machine, along with minimum and maximum widths.  Customers interface with the ST200 through third-party client software such as RS Lynx or Kepware to position torches for cutting, control automatic mold width adjustments or for ongoing quality assurance initiatives.