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Data Acquisition Systems

Sensor Data Acquisition Systems in MillsDiagnostics and metal-making process improvement is only possible after review of the data measured by sensors. Data Acquisition Systems are the hardware that collect this data for later export. Sequence Technologies offers the right data acquisition system for mill processes.


ST300 DatAQ

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST300 Series is a family of versatile portable and field-mounted data acquisition instruments that collect measurements from your process monitoring sensors, including accelerometers for vibration and displacement, laser sensors for product dimensions, and inclinometers for position.  Our data acquisition systems have 16-bit, 100 kHz data sampling capabilities and interface to host computers through the PC’s USB port. 


Data Acquisition in Steel Mill OperationsCustom Windows compatible application software is also available upon request.  Typical uses of this system include Mold Oscillation Diagnostics & Turret Bearing Wear Analysis.