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Profile Laser Sensors

Laser Profile Sensors for Steel SlabProfile Laser Sensors are ideal measuring instruments for steel mill environments. They enable precision dimensional measurements, at high speeds, to targets that may be very hot, vibrating or otherwise unsuitable for tactile probes.



ST201 ProfileGAGE - Laser Profile Sensors

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST201 ProfileGAGE measures distance, width, profile, thickness, straightness and flatness with unrivaled precision.  The ST201 sensors operate according to the triangulation method.  A vertical beam of laser light emitted from the sensor creates a visible line on the surface of the measured target.  Reflected light from the surface is viewed from an angle by a CMOS detector array inside the sensor.  The digital image data is transmitted to a signal processor which computes distances.


ProfileGAGE profile laser sensorsDesigned for the harshest environments, there are no moving components inside the laser (optics or processors) which enhances reliability and longevity.  Applications for this sensor include slab and billet profile, width and thickness measurement (ST202 WidthVIEW), tundish nozzle alignment
(ST235) along with deflection and concentricity.