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Machine Alignment

Successful steel-making machine alignment and control solutions begin with a careful assessment of our customers' requirements, from the operations and maintenance teams to plant conditions and operating procedures.  Sequence continuously develops and refines systems to incorporate the latest technology to increase the throughput of your plant, raise the quality of your product, and improve the efficiency of your production. We offer customers our expertise in the following solutions:


Caster Segment Roll Gap

roll gapSolutions offered to measure the gap between rolls to assure proper movement of the slab and prevent premature mechanical failures


Caster Mold Alignment Gauge

mold to segment transition Align the mold with the first segment in billet and bloom casters to ensure high surface quality during steel production


Caster Taper Gauge

Mold Taper GaugeReduce surface defects and mechanical wear by using the battery-powered mold taper gauge designed by Sequence Technologies.


Mold Tube Taper & Wear

Mold Taper GaugeMeasure the wear and alterations in taper angle of mold tubes using this simple tool from Sequence Technologies.


Mold Width Setup Gauge

Mold Width Setup Gauge Eliminate manual mold setup methods with Sequence Technologie's non-contact mold width setup gauge.


SEN Alignment

Caster Mold Oscillation Measuring SEN AlignmentAccurately align the Submerged Entry Nozzle (SEN) using non-contact laser tools