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Mold Tube Taper Gauge

Mold Tube Taper MeasurementPrecise wear measurements of mold tubes can lead to significant advantages in slab, billet and bloom casting.  The ability to quickly and accurately measure the tubes can reduce quality defects and prolong equipment life.  Typically, measuring the taper and wear can be a time consuming task, consisting of manual recordings with a micrometer throughout the length of the tube.  In recent years, the demand for a quick and accurate method of measuring the taper and wear has led to the advancement in this technology.



Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST136 MoldTREKKER is a precision measurement tool designed to measure and display taper and wear of mold tubes for slab, billet and bloom casters.  The hand-held device can be used in the maintenance area or in the casting machine to measure with an accuracy of 0.002 inch.   The unique design allows it to fit into a variety of mold tube sizes, reducing the quantity of measurement components required.  Taper measurements along with their position within the tube are transmitted to the PC where software analyzes the data and displays the results in tabular and graphical format for the operator.  The data can be saved for future reference and comparison to previous runs.