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Slab Length Measurement

Steel Slab Length MeasuringControl the length of slabs prior to torch cutting in your continuous casting operations using laser-based measurement systems from Sequence Technologies. Replace expensive and maintenance-prone mechanical encoder systems attached to machine rollers with reliable, non-contact measuring systems.


ST230 TorchTRACK

Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster OptimizationThe ST230 TorchTRACK system measures hot steel strand length exiting continuous casters. Improve product quality and optimize caster yield with TorchTRACK. The laser sensor resides atop the flame torch cutting machine in a thermally-protected enclosure, allowing just one sensor to accurately measure the length.  The PC interface, mounted in a control pulpit, continuously measures and graphically displays the slab length prior to the cutting process and can be interfaced with the customers PLC system to automatically control the torch cutting process and position the machine, saving time and minimizing mechanical wear.