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Mold Oscillation Diagnostics

Mold Osciallation MonitoringAccurately measure mold oscillation to prevent molten metal from sticking to mold walls, control solidification and to optimize the continuous casting process. Accelerometers are attached to key areas of the oscillating system to measure and evaluate movement.



Measurement Systems for Continuous Caster Optimization Slab surface and internal quality is directly related to the mechanical performance of a continuous caster mold oscillator.  This critical component in the steel making process can be evaluated by using the Sequence Technologies ST900 Mold Diagnostic System. 


Mold Oscillation Measurements for continuous steel castersCostly downtime due to mechanical failures of the oscillator can be prevented using this diagnostic solution, which consists of our ST703 Triaxial Accelerometers mounted on the mold table connected to the ST300 DatAQ data acquisition system.  A laptop PC connected via USB cable serves as the operator interface to present real-time graphical conditions of the table motion, allowing maintenance and operating personnel immediate feedback to its condition.